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Breastmilk – Keep a Good Thing Going

Cause marketing a topic that is controversial and challenging required a multi-pronged approach to reach breastfeeding women and their employers with a message about the value and importance of breastfeeding: finding appropriate and comfortable places to express milk on the job, having a private shawl to allow the mother to breastfeed in public, a portable breast pump for the mother and literature that would help reinforce breastfeeding for up to six months of the baby’s life. Sponsored by the Arizona Department of Health, this program helped raise the awareness of this issue and influenced employers throughout the state to comply with this need.

Anatomy of an Urgent Care Center

Sometime people don’t know when they should use an emergency room versus an ambulatory care center, and this campaign provided a quick illustration of those conditions that would be rightfully treated at the Immediate Medical Center.

Balance. Proportion. Harmony.

Finding the core of what a woman wants in her appearance, and from a cosmetic surgeon, is the simplicity of looking natural, and better. The subtleties of balance, proportion and harmony help make surgical improvements invisible to the eye, which is what a woman desires.

University Plastic Surgeons

This organization wanted to emphasize its approach to reconstructive surgery from a restorative basis, rather than cosmetic basis, and therefore, our strategy was to emphasize how the surgeons approach a problem – in other words, how they think and what they are able to achieve. From craniofacial deformities to trauma, burns and disease, this group chose to focus on the extraordinary results they achieved.

Life Goes On

The three most important issues for a woman (when it comes to healthcare) is treating her with respect, understanding that she is more than her medical problem and has a life outside her doctor’s office, and that she hasn’t time to waste. This strategy helped build a fee-for-service practice for BreastNet in the Arizona market that grew to profitability within a year.

Preview of Coming Attractions

Technology, married to the marvels of mother nature, helped make this story possible. Using 3D imaging, it’s now possible to get a glimpse of the future of what will be in terms of obstetrics, and this approach showcased the possibilities for future parents to get a “look inside.”

Simmods Aesthetic Care

Finding a unique way to stand out from the crowd of cosmetic surgery ads brought us to the portrayal of signs that are designed to attract attention. Matching clever copy to clever images helped tell a story of what could be done to “make improvements.” As the ads ran in publications targeting younger, edgier customers, this approach worked on many fronts: entertainment, information, response.

NDC Health Informatin Services

Informatics is an esoteric field of data gathering and repurposing for the medical industry. Our task was to differentiate quickly, the difference between the robust data of NDC versus their competitors.

Simmods Aesthetic Care

This plastic surgeon focused on breast augmentation, and wanted a campaign that positioned him as an expert on this procedure. Targeting women in their 20s and 30s, this approach was both playful and informative and helped differentiate this doctor from others in the category.

Baxter – Operating Room Division

This is one of a series of ads depicting OR nurses in situations where there is little room for error, such as in the OR. By placing them “at the helm” we recognize that their jobs are intensely responsible, and they are accountable to an assortment of leaders, from the surgeons to administrators, colleagues and certainly to patients. This campaign set out to let these nurses know that Baxter understood their needs, and had solutions that could address them.

Greater Valley Medical Group

Building new patient volume was the goal for this campaign, using the metaphor of maintenance to the human body. Breaking down certain diagnostic tests into discrete functional areas, putting a value to those services and then discounting them for new patients gave prospective patients a way to evaluate, and value, the services they needed. This campaign helped this chain of private practices reach breakeven within six weeks of launch.

This campaign addressed the need to convert customers to ordering online, versus by phone, and utilized humor, illustration and simplicity to make the transition to digital ordering less daunting.