Strategic Thinking

Every business or organization has a story to tell about who it is and how it got that way. Sometimes the story emerges from within but over time, the story mutates from without and the “truth” becomes more about what others think about us. But how do we discover the truth? And, importantly, can we stand to hear it? Other times, the stories we tell about ourselves become outdated, outgrowing our own mythology as we change leadership, personnel, and the conditions under which we work.  Strategic Thinking is a process that allows us to get underneath the surface, and re-discover what makes an organization unique and valuable within the context of its competitive world. Through objective primary research consisting of individual interviews, small group discussions, selective workshops and focus groups, we can help uncover the buried treasure that resides within a company’s DNA.

Storytelling 101

Ideas are like people: the more interesting they are, the more memorable they become. Our job is to help tell your story in an authentic and compelling way – to those who want to hear it (which isn’t everybody) – which is why we endeavor to find those people who do.

Separating the Story from the Storyteller

Sometimes it’s difficult to discern feedback from flattery. That’s why there’s nothing like an objective third-party to listen and interpret on your behalf. We aren’t invested in your story, so we bring an impartial perspective to what people say, and what they mean. This kind of information is critical to an organization seeking to make meaningful improvements to its services.